Hasta la Vista EUROPE!

Hasta la Vista EUROPE!
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Europe is doomed!


Hasta la Vista EUROPE! exposes what you’re not being told about the
refugee crisis and exactly how it’s destroying Europe. The old-fashioned-controlled-media is hiding a massive, cataclysmic travesty – the so-called “refugee crisis” in Europe. The fairytale is the fact that millions of innocent peace-loving individuals are fleeing war and death.

Nothing might be further from the truth. And the the fact is nothing short of savage.

Essential reading, Hasta la Vista EUROPE!will be the courageous dialogue starter for anyone who wants to know what is absolutely fermenting in Europe. Particularly if or your family have European roots, should you love Europe, when you have relatives in Europe, or if anyone you know is intending to travel to Europe, you must read Hasta la Vista EUROPE! today.

It’s all here, from crimes to cover-ups, from media spins to actual events, from horrific diseases to restricted info, from weeping women to ravaging gangs, from pre-teen criminals to terrorized local communities, in the war on women and gays to police officers in fear for lives. The facts. The eyewitness accounts. And also the links to the sources to help you see it, hear it, or read it for yourself.

Includes a have a look at each of the 51 countries and independent claims that make up Europe today, filled with hair-raising and unthinkable events. Col. Walter T. Richmond spares nothing as they exposes truth after truth.

FAIRYTALE: Based on Angela Merkel, German Chancellor, refugees are scared, pitiful families fleeing war that want immediate assistance.
TRUTH: Most “refugees” (75%+) are young fighting-age able-bodied males, lots who abandoned their homes looking for economic opportunities.

FAIRYTALE: Sweden can be a leading example of multicultural success.
TRUTH: Sweden is the new rape capital of Europe, with migrants leading the way in vicious criminal activity. While you’re advertising online, add in regular grenade and bomb attacks, and at least 55 migrant neighborhood areas (NO-GO zones) the police simply don’t dare enter alone.

FAIRYTALE: Germany has led just how by taking in and welcoming a variety of more than a million refugees, migrants, and asylum seekers in 2015 and everything is working fine.
TRUTH: Nothing is working fine. Resources are strained. Medical services are deluged. Police are overwhelmed. And local women are routinely victimized. All as authorities scurry to hide the facts. For instance, during a “Welcome Refugees” event in November 2015, large sets of male asylum seekers surrounded German coeds and sexually assaulted them. Terrified women fled the big event as organizers tried to hide up the assaults. Then, 1,000+ refugees, migrants, and asylum seekers assaulted (including rape, gang rape, and taharrush) over 800 women on New Year’s Eve 2016 in mere one town in Germany. Similar attacks, on lesser scales, occurred across Europe.

FAIRYTALE: Children refugees need special attention.
TRUTH: Yes, but some are NOT children. Most are much older than they tell you he is – adult males pretend being Syrian children in order to get faster asylum, and far lesser, if any, punishment after they commit violent crimes including assault, robbery, and in many cases rape.

Does any one of this sound like a plan that’s been thought-out or is working?